Co-Curricular Expression of Interest

Category: General College Events
Date: 10/02/2017 -- 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
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Friday 10 February at lunchtime 1:30 – 2:15 pm

Listed is the Teacher in Charge and Registration Room.



  • Badminton, Mrs Adams, P1.2
  • Basketball, Mr Samuel, B1.4
  • Boys Baseball, Mrs Adams, P1.1
  • Cricket, Mr Samuel, B1.1
  • Equestrian, Mrs Joyce, P1.4
  • Football Boys, Mr Samuel, Discovery commons
  • Football Girls, Miss Mahar, Y1.4
  • Golf, Mrs Adams, P1.5
  • Gym Sports (Trampolining/Aerobics/ Gymnastics), Miss Mahar, Y1.4
  • Hockey, Mrs Adams, Spirit Commons
  • Ki O Rahi, Mr McLennan, P1.1
  • Lacrosse, Miss Mahar, Y1.5
  • Mountain Biking, Miss Mahar, Y1. 8
  • Netball, Miss Mahar, Endeavour Commons
  • Orienteering, Mrs Adams, P1.5
  • Rugby, Mr Taylor, Blake
  • Softball Girls, Mr Samuel, B1.8
  • Squash, Miss Mahar, Y1.8
  • Table Tennis, Mr Samuel, B1.5
  • Tag, Mr McLennan, P1.1
  • Tennis Junior (Term 4), Miss Mahar, Y1.8
  • Touch (Term 4 information), Miss Mahar, Y1.7
  • Triathlon, Mr McLennan, P1.1
  • Volleyball Juniors Only, Mrs Adams, P1.4



  • Tech Crew, Ms Hood, PAC
  • Backstage Crew, Ms Hood, PAC
  • Bands - Rock & Pop, Miss Treneman, PAC
  • Barbershop Chorus, Miss Treneman, PAC
  • BDSC Art to Where?, Miss Cunningham, Top of Koru
  • Concert Band, Miss Treneman, PAC
  • Costume/Wardrobe, Ms Hood, Mrs Rakanui and Mrs Barratt, PAC
  • Flute Choir, Miss Treneman, PAC
  • Junior School Production, Ms Hood, PAC
  • Orchestra, Miss Treneman, PAC
  • SDNZ/Megaschools, Mr Sequeria and Mrs Rakanui, PAC
  • Sheilah Winn Shakespeare, Ms Hood, PAC
  • Stage Challenge, Mrs Rakanui and Miss Van Bysterveldt, PAC
  • Wearable Arts/Eye on Nature, Miss Cunningham, Top of Koru



  • Chinese Dance, Mrs Kuang and Mrs Donovan, tbc later date
  • Chess and Chinese Chess Club, Mr Chan, L1.3
  • African Dance, Mr Dammert, upstairs Britten Commons
  • Fijian Group, Mr Achary and Mr Wainoqolo, tbc later date
  • Indian Dance, Mrs Edwards, Endeavour Commons
  • Kapahaka, Mrs Rakanui, PAC
  • Korean Kpop, Mr Sequeira, PAC
  • Lion Dance, Mrs S Yu, TBC later date
  • Pacific Island Culture Group, Mrs Fouche, Mr Achary and Ms Williams, PAC



  • Bridge Building Club, Mr Raj, upstairs Spirit Commons
  • DIT Clubs, Mr Patchigalla and Mr Enriquez, L1.1
  • Science Club, Mr J Yang, Y2.1
  • Science Council, Mr J Yang, Y2.1
  • Vex Robotics, Mr Raj, upstairs Spirit Commons



  • 40HR Famine, Mrs Zwart, Booklets handed out end of Term 1
  • Debating, Mrs Zwart, Y1.1
  • Amnesty International, Mr Andrew, Discovery Commons
  • Board Games Club, Mr Trevelyan, R2.5
  • Brain Bee, Ms Ladds, TBC later date
  • Crochet Club, Mrs Shareef, R1.5
  • Duke of Edinburgh, Mrs Bottom, registrations in term 3.
  • E- Sports Club, Mr T Wang, Y1.2
  • Enviro schools, Miss Brodie, Conference Centre
  • Health Council, Miss McLachlan , R1.4
  • Knitting Club, Mrs Shareef, R1.5
  • Librarians, Ms Crewe, Library
  • Mathex Year 9 and  10, Mrs Hu and Mrs S Yu , TBC later date
  • Maths Council, Mrs S Yu and Mrs Bennet , R2.8
  • Media Club, Mr Greenstreet and Ms Stewart, L2.1
  • "Model UN", Mr Andrew, Discovery Commons"
  • Origami Club, Mrs Shareef, R1.5
  • Theatre Sports, Mr Thurlow, B1.4
  • Writing Club, Miss A Chan and Miss D Yu, P1.8