Learning at Botany Downs Secondary College

As a student here you can expect every opportunity to further your education. Our college has such a great learning environment where everyone is encouraged to do their personal best and achieve their goals, whether they are academic or co-curricular.

At Botany Downs Secondary College, we are so privileged to have such a wide range of subjects to choose from with Technology, Science, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Visual art as well as an array of Languages. All of the subjects are interesting and challenging in their own ways, providing students with a broad set of skills and knowledge by the time they leave college.

All college subjects teach students life skills such as effective communication and organisation. They teach students to be able to work in a team and achieve common goals through group projects, and competitive inter-whanau events.

Alongside so many supportive teachers, students are encouraged to learn independently and be in charge of their own education, testing themselves and working hard. All the opportunities for us, as students, are to help us further ourselves, do the best we can, and get the most out of our schooling years.


The college has one examination period in Term 3 (Seniors) and Term 4 (Juniors) each year to provide learners with the opportunity to practise examination technique. During examinations, seniors are offered the privilege of study leave, modelling what they may be provided for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) external examinations in November/December. 

For more information, view 2017 NCEA and Scholarship Examinations, held from Thursday 9 November to Friday 1 December.

NCEA: Information for Parents

View our NCEA: Information for Parents (.pdf)

In 2016 an information evening was held at the College to provide parents with further information about NCEA. The presentation covered a diverse range of topics relating to assessment including how NCEA is provided and assessed at Botany Downs Secondary College. Key assessment processes at the College were outlined and a wide range of excellent questions were answered.

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